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US Customs Bonded Carriers: How In-Bond Shipments Benefit Your Supply Chain


A bonded carrier is a licensed transporter that can move freight through U.S. ports of entry without paying duty on those goods or obtaining a customs release during border crossing.

What does partnering with a bonded carrier mean for your supply chain?


Bonded carriers provide a clear advantage in the expedited shipping process, while still adhering to customs protocol. When a bonded carrier moves freight, that load is called an in-bond shipment. This label would streamline the import/export process for your shipments or forwarded freight, which will save both time and money. Bonded carriers not only expedite the importing and exporting, but they also give you the piece-of-mind that your shipment(s) will always adhere to customs protocol.


Palmetto Freight Carriers is proud to announce that we are a U.S. Customs Bonded Carrier, allowing us to save you money on future imported and exported shipments. We are always committed to discovering new ways to improve your supply chain efficiency.

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